Tuesday, December 21, 2010

struggling with kitchen lighting

Well we have an ugly old recessed kitchen flourescent bank (hate it so much I am not even going to find out how to spell fourescent).  Any ideas on dealing with this would be highly appreciated.

What I should have done was take the drop ceiling up to its original line when we were starting out - but I didn't ,in the meantime I will continue to experiment with whacky ideas. I am thinking of stretching taught scrim silk and making a circle pattern with embroidery hoops. Another idea is just running wood beams along the length or a kind Nakashima screen but nothing seems right.


What mom does when she should be making breakfast
Cool mom it looks like a Selena Gomez backdrop - Plan B


  1. I am so jealous you actually have two sculptures by Ivan. I saw his post and thought oh, how I wanted one. In fact, I remember your inquiry about the pieces. I think they are beyond wonderful. Congratulations! The house is looking good. I like the wooden screen idea, but you may have shadows. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Kevin that is a great point - especially when cooking.

  3. The scrim looks really great; wonder if it would get pretty grimy. I guess you could wash it though.

    I thought I had seen some kind of miracle solution to this lighting issue on Trading Spaces or something, many years ago. Alas two hours of internet searching has turned up nothing.

  4. Well the outcome was kinda sad/funny. My husband and I spent hours and worked really hard at redoing a professional looking version and it was looking pretty good but as we were installing the shoji type frame, the Makita snagged and spun the silk and all the taught wood circles shot off like ricocheting bullets around the kitchen. Yep quite the moment

  5. Have you looked at the 3-form website. They sell creative recycled panels ( lame explanation, but amazing material). The have reclaimed panels available through the website for various prices. They come in two sizes, 2x2, 4x4 and various thickness.

  6. Wow Anonymous thanks for thee great tip. I had once seen it and forgotten about it- great idea
    http://www.3-form.com/. I think I may also think of using one of their panels on our large entry door