Friday, August 28, 2009

ok house choice number 2

I finally got in to see the backyard of what I thought was going to be my dream house. IT is wonderful but it is a mess so I have put an offer in on number 1 (hold thumbs/cross fingers)

I have included a few shots of the yard that was leading me off the straight and narrow - you can see why. Love the concrete Indian blanket.

I should start posting regularly now that the kids are in school, the house offer is in and the smoke from the La Canada fire is blowing east.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Itty bitty excuse post

HI Sorry for the itty bitty post but we are trying to buy a home and it is hard. I have found one I think we like but it is so far from our vision we are not sure. There are insane oak tree protection laws where I live and the huge tree in our considered house is giving us 2nd thoughts. Wow this house is a mess and it will take some work. So, sorry I will be posting soon. I also have my eye on a spectacular outsider artist mid-century that MIGHT come on the market. Oh the dilemma to buy a really good deal or to wait for possible breath-taking perfection? What do you think?

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Here is my collection of Desimone Pottery I first saw a few pieces at a friends house and fell in love. Most of these are from Ebay.Desimone was a student of Picasso. I have also heard Picasso liked him to mix his reds for him? Desimone opened a pottery studio and supposedly the pieces that he himself painted always have the name "Desimone" painted on the surface in the picture, not just signed underneath.
I currently have none of these but I think I gravitated towards the style of a particular studio painter that worked for him. As you become familiar with the pieces the commonalities and the personalities of the different painters in the studio come through.

I did have one piece that might have been actual Desimone. It is the blue vase with the butterfly catcher. It had all the classic Desimone elements. These included, a sun depiction, Picasso like figures, courtship and of course the signature in the picture.
When it arrived it lacked a certain simplicity - I think it was a copy as there was just too much going on that was "right"- Either that or I prefer one of his assistants work. The little clay figures that look like they could have stepped out of Desimone village where a $2 find by my 5 year old daughter Julia.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HI my first blog

I just started this on a whim this morning...
Let's see where we go...