Tuesday, April 5, 2011

strange Umanoff Van Keppel Pier 1 chair day

Sunday was a funny day. Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with the Pier  1 Mombasa chair from 91-92. It is just brilliant and is often mis-attributed to Van Keppel Green. I have one broken, one sitting in Florida at my parents and a bunch that I have missed by a hair on Craigs List. I have also missed one of my other favorite chairs  an Arthur Umanoff  narrowly a million times. This Sunday I found a pair of both. I arrived at the flea market late with my 81 year old dad and there were the Umanoff's and then later the Pier 1's (oops Van Keppels) on Craigs List.


Ackerman ? mosaic missed on Ebay

HI I saw this lovely little mosaic on Ebay in N. California and bid $66 on it. I really did not pay much attention and when I came back found out there was only one other bidder who  got it at $67. Think it was an Ackerman? Certainly the same blues and framing but maybe not abstract enough?