Thursday, April 22, 2010

New house no modernist kitchen

We are in a pretty bumpy escrow on our hopefully new house. We love the area and the schools. There is too much work to be done and we do not have the money but we think it is the right decision.
Keep you all posted. 

Here are some pics from our old kitchen our new one will be much more challenging.
 The corner area was a clearance ikea sectional sleeper and them I used the facric from clearance Ikea Tise Curtians to make cushions. and there is the Dorothy Schindele desk (mark 1) mentioned earlier.

The linoleum was new vintage linoleum fron Linoleum City (incredible place). Alas we bought it all - Wish we had kept it for the new house

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy birthday my Darling Julia you are 7

You are a wonderful kid retrospective

You never played with plastic bags,, or ate the dirt

You put modernism in it's place... but never broke a thing. I love you

Atomic Sputnik Tripod table a steal at Urban Outfitters or Jean Royere for K Mart

This wonderful little table is  on Sale at Urban Outfitters for wait for it $4.99 marked down from $28.
NOTE ON THE WEBSITE SALE 19.99 IN THE STORE 4.99 - Look better in person

They come in white and red and fold up into this great little box with a handle. Now Jean Royere they are not but they are pretty stable and quite cute for less than a chunk of decent Cheese

 I think I will stain the balls slightly  warmer and oil them? I am sure these will show up  in somebody's store for more!