Tuesday, December 21, 2010

struggling with kitchen lighting

Well we have an ugly old recessed kitchen flourescent bank (hate it so much I am not even going to find out how to spell fourescent).  Any ideas on dealing with this would be highly appreciated.

What I should have done was take the drop ceiling up to its original line when we were starting out - but I didn't ,in the meantime I will continue to experiment with whacky ideas. I am thinking of stretching taught scrim silk and making a circle pattern with embroidery hoops. Another idea is just running wood beams along the length or a kind Nakashima screen but nothing seems right.


What mom does when she should be making breakfast
Cool mom it looks like a Selena Gomez backdrop - Plan B

Monday, December 13, 2010

California Cubsit modernist mid century mosaic

Well after much patience and being told this was not for sale, was for sale, was not for sale, will be for sale, cannot find the keys, cannot find the keys again,  etc and 2 very patient and reasonable movers.  I finally have this stunning mosaic. I bought it sight unseen. The mosaic work is a bit rougher than I had anticipated but in a strange good way that does not matter. At parts there are actual crystals sticking out.

Many of the small tiles ( in excess of 300,000) are  sticking up on their side to create visual effects like clothing fringe and an argyle pattern.

Ok of all these thousands of tiles one is placed incorrectly. There is a tile around the central figures nose area that should run horizontally not vertically. It makes him look as if his nose is a bit beakish from certain angles. I am so tempted to gouge it out and perfect it? should I?   Does anyone know who this may have been made by?

It came from a mid century home in Beverly Hills by architect William  Stephenson.  IT is slated for demo. Actually the house is not really all that, and I was surprised to find once I entered it I was not that outraged that it was being torn down.


I do not think this is an Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman or Millard Sheets mosaic.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Ok now how do we hang this puppy 103" x 46"

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ivan Terestchenko sculpture - really mine? I feel so lucky

I was lucky enough to purchase these two wonderful ceramic sculptures from the excellent photographer and artist Ivan Terestchenko. He  also makes time for  a great inspiring blog.

I think his eye  is so refined becuase visual balance is like breathing to him. It simply is and must be. Thanks Ivan I will treasure these and thanks to David John of http://youhavebeenheresometime.blogspot.com/ for introducing me.

These pieces have all the presence s of large works. They have a  potential energy and gravitas that confounds their size.  As close as  I will ever get to having a little Calder on my table top. I am surely happy.