Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ivan Terestchenko sculpture - really mine? I feel so lucky

I was lucky enough to purchase these two wonderful ceramic sculptures from the excellent photographer and artist Ivan Terestchenko. He  also makes time for  a great inspiring blog. 

I think his eye  is so refined becuase visual balance is like breathing to him. It simply is and must be. Thanks Ivan I will treasure these and thanks to David John of for introducing me.

These pieces have all the presence s of large works. They have a  potential energy and gravitas that confounds their size.  As close as  I will ever get to having a little Calder on my table top. I am surely happy.


  1. By the way I'm sending your certificate of authenticity tomorrow...

  2. No rush - but thanks I am sure people will one day ask me - "THE Ivan Terestchenko?!"