Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More desk stories Schindele Grossman Umanoff Conover Mccobb

I fell in love with some japanese metal and wood desks that were incredibley expensive. Well a few weeks later I found a wonderful desk on craigslist for $75 by Dorothy Schindele but the drawers were missing- still, I was very excited.

Then 2 weeks later I was at a yard sale and there was the same desk rusting at the bottom of the garden with very water damaged drawers with all the veneer peeling off.  I bought this one for $40.  The first one was in better condition so I used the drawers for that and sold the 2nd one on Craigs List for around $300 I think. A guy drove all the way from Arizona to buy it. I worked really hard to repair the veneer and you will see it in the pic of my old kitchen.

The last picture if of my final Dorothy Shindele desk that I got from the wonderful family I bought all the great pottery from. This picture is taken in it's original home (right now it is tucked behind our sofa as we are outta room). So now both my daughters will be doing homework in style.

The Vintage linoleum  is what I miss most  about our old house.

If you like this metal and wood mix here are some designers to search
 Schindele, Grossman, Umanoff,  Conover,  McCobb

Monday, March 29, 2010

More desk love - this one a mid century modern Baughman I think

Well I am on a roll with desk stories now.  This one I bought of Craigs List in the pacific palisades. They did not tell me till I got there it was this  vertical house built down a hill and it was at the bottom so this one was really sweat. The top was sun damaged and I worked on that. It landed up with a lady in her new office just starting a business - stay tuned for my story or ascending Dorothy Schindele desks

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A desk saved from the rain- a bit bauhaus

I found this desk in clumps of growing grass outside a house a few blocks away. All the wood veneer was bubbling and some was missing so  I guess it had been left our awhile. I gave it much love... and glue... and finally it ended up with 2 young architects in Santa Monica.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mo Better Desimone pottery

I posted an earlier  post about Desimone and mentioned I had bought ( and resold) a vase that was just toooo right to be by Giovanni  Desimone himself and not a studio worker. Well I am happy to say I think this little gem is exactly as it should be.

I also bought this very unusual large Desimone with the rider it is my favorite Desimone ever.

The Conversionette


More about the pieces I got from the estate below. The Grandparents were missionaries in Japan and had bought back quite a few kokeshi dolls. I also found these lovely little wood nun figures in the garage but grouped together with the kokeshi dolls they were kinda like a missionary expedition that had bitten off more than it could chew, and a homage to their origin. The line drawings are very fine. I love them

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Things I got

I went to an open house - (yes we still have not found the perfect house yet). While the house was not quite for us the furnishings were wonderful. I wrote the family a note and when the house sold the children contacted me and let me buy some of their parent's collections. They were definitely too generous but I hope to treasure and use these pieces for a long long time. The mom was a pretty fine potter herself. Some of the pieces, I found out afterwards- are quite fine, Rupert Deese and Ake Holm?