Monday, January 28, 2013

if you like Noguchi Ceramics you may like this California Studio Pottery

Here is a piece I have from the ubber talented Heather Rosenman.  I sold 2 pieces of Rupert Deese to buy it, but I believe on some level, we need to keep supporting the ongoing tradition of California Modernism and Craft or else we will end up just being nostalgic and Doyle Lane will end up being the new Meissen.  Well not really, his pieces rock, but there is tons of new talent. While a lot of it is referential, I think it makes sense that California is  a strong presence and makes us feel the same way it did 50 years ago, and if Modernism is resonating so strongly with people it is because it is still relevant. Then creating things that are heavily inspired is actually tapping into the current zeitgeist. If  the modernism that happened in the 50's/60's didn't, do you think we would be coming up with it now? Certainly seems to fit .What do you think?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

If you like Soleri Bells you may like Tita Estes Ceramics

Have not blogged in awhile been busy busy.  Before I went away I went to a ceramic show and bought this bowl by Los Angeles Ceramicist Titia Estes.  I have posted many pics because somehow I just cannot get a shot that captures just how powerful and balanced it is in the 3-dimensional flesh. I am a huge fan of Soleri works and this gave me a very similar feel. Primitve. Simple. Balanced.

It has a matt dark brown interior with a glazed colored interior of the most perfect vidid, deep  orangey red.

I was introduced to Titia's work by my 9 year old dauthger Julia. About 8 months earlier I had given her $20 at another ceramics showto buy whatever she wanted and she had bought a small Titia Estes pot that we all loved.