Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MId Century whimsical wall applique Ackermans goofy friend

These lovely ladies were one fun  thing too many a our house and found a lovely home with a wall just made for them

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  1. HA! That is MY house, and I absolutely LOVE these ladies. I think I told you when I met you that a longtime friend of our family had something similar hanging on her wall since I was a young child. I told my mom how much I loved it, and she said "oh that old thing. I threw it in the trash". AHHH! So, this is my replacement and they are well loved so thank you VERY much! I recently found an exact copy of this at the Santa Monica Antique Market in a small tapestry version, so it must have been an important piece of art - or at least one that people liked to copy onto handcrafted items. Maybe one day I will find out what it is, but in the mean time I sure am enjoying it!