Thursday, June 10, 2010

oil spill oil painting

Oh my lord I am such a lazy blogger well not really we are knee deep in renovation - but I finally found I have a follower that is not a family member. How exciting. So here is some updating. I bought this oil refinery painting about 3 months ago it has turned out to be so apt. The photo really does not do it justice. It is less brigh and the painting almost looks like an oil pastel but you really cannot tell from this shot.
I promise to post again soon.


  1. PLEASE TELL ME YOU DIDN'T REMOVE THE BACHLEDER TILE!!!! Am I looking at the same fireplace?

  2. It was not original Batchelder but from Mission Tile, so good stuff. There was a bit of an English/Spanish miscommunitaction. My guy (who I love) was supposed to remove the wood up to the tile but when I got home the tile was removed up to the wood.- framing a lovely empty demo. Oh well it is "Make it work" time