Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lynn Foulks Brewery Art Walk

Every year I go to the Brewery Arists Colony art walk. The absolute highlight for me for the last 9  years has been Llyn Foulkes, Church of Art.  He has created the most amazing one-man-band machine using old brass car horns and many other instrument including irreverence. While this may sound cheesy...we are not talking about anyone here we are talking about Llyn Folkes, a man of incredible intellect and gut.
His music is incredible and I ignorantly went on raving about it, not know that he is a greatly respected visual artist

The art grapevine told me at times he as been out of favor with the usual patrons and galleries for  not towing the line. His fellow artists respect and love him though (same grapevine) Well he is certainly wonderful and generous with his talent to  little fish like, and it is clear his interest is art and not the scene.  Oh I could go on, but next art walk go and see and meet him... you will be glad you did.

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