Sunday, September 15, 2013

A new large Soleri Bell and a small Soleri find

I just won this lovely large Soleri Bell on ebay. I spent more than I should but there are certain bells that really just speak to me. Last week they were cleaning out the house of an elderly recluse that had passed away down the road. Everything was being thrown in the dumpster I saw the little Soleri bell hanging outside and incorporated it into a ceramic hanger I made. They were also throwing out a small Doyle Lane pot that was literally lying upside down in a pile of sheets to be thrown out. I sold it on ebay and it paid for my lovely bell. There is a certain feeling of melancholy that this man I never new gave me such a beautiful gift. He was an artist and I also saved a small picture of his that I love which I will post soon. Thanks Dale.


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