Sunday, January 27, 2013

If you like Soleri Bells you may like Tita Estes Ceramics

Have not blogged in awhile been busy busy.  Before I went away I went to a ceramic show and bought this bowl by Los Angeles Ceramicist Titia Estes.  I have posted many pics because somehow I just cannot get a shot that captures just how powerful and balanced it is in the 3-dimensional flesh. I am a huge fan of Soleri works and this gave me a very similar feel. Primitve. Simple. Balanced.

It has a matt dark brown interior with a glazed colored interior of the most perfect vidid, deep  orangey red.

I was introduced to Titia's work by my 9 year old dauthger Julia. About 8 months earlier I had given her $20 at another ceramics showto buy whatever she wanted and she had bought a small Titia Estes pot that we all loved.


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