Tuesday, April 5, 2011

strange Umanoff Van Keppel Pier 1 chair day

Sunday was a funny day. Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with the Pier  1 Mombasa chair from 91-92. It is just brilliant and is often mis-attributed to Van Keppel Green. I have one broken, one sitting in Florida at my parents and a bunch that I have missed by a hair on Craigs List. I have also missed one of my other favorite chairs  an Arthur Umanoff  narrowly a million times. This Sunday I found a pair of both. I arrived at the flea market late with my 81 year old dad and there were the Umanoff's and then later the Pier 1's (oops Van Keppels) on Craigs List.



  1. I have 6 of the Arthur Umanoff dining chairs from my grandmother's breakfast room, but no breakfast room to put them in! Some day ...

  2. Nick if you weren't such an awesome person and great inspiration I would quite resent it ... you with your perfect summer house and grandma with such good taste... lucky you!