Thursday, August 13, 2009


Here is my collection of Desimone Pottery I first saw a few pieces at a friends house and fell in love. Most of these are from Ebay.Desimone was a student of Picasso. I have also heard Picasso liked him to mix his reds for him? Desimone opened a pottery studio and supposedly the pieces that he himself painted always have the name "Desimone" painted on the surface in the picture, not just signed underneath.
I currently have none of these but I think I gravitated towards the style of a particular studio painter that worked for him. As you become familiar with the pieces the commonalities and the personalities of the different painters in the studio come through.

I did have one piece that might have been actual Desimone. It is the blue vase with the butterfly catcher. It had all the classic Desimone elements. These included, a sun depiction, Picasso like figures, courtship and of course the signature in the picture.
When it arrived it lacked a certain simplicity - I think it was a copy as there was just too much going on that was "right"- Either that or I prefer one of his assistants work. The little clay figures that look like they could have stepped out of Desimone village where a $2 find by my 5 year old daughter Julia.

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